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    a response for your petition on recent events in turkey: thank you for taking the time to sign this petition using the we the people platform. the united states has repeatedly condemned the failed coup in turkey and expressed our strong support for turkey's democratically elected, civilian government and democratic institutions, and our solidarity with the turkish people. the president was among the first world leaders to condemn the failed coup and express our support for turkish democracy in the wake of the events of july 15. u.s. leaders have publicly reaffirmed the strength and resilience of turkish democracy, the importance of the u.s.-turkey alliance, and our unwavering commitment to turkey, our nato ally. ın the wake of such a heinous and brutal attack on turkey's democracy, president obama has made clear that the united states is doing everything we can to support turkey's efforts to secure its democratically-elected government, while ensuring respect for the very democratic institutions and the rule of law that resisted the violent coup attempt. we encourage you to continue to use the we the people platform to petition the administration to take action on policy issues you care about. we cannot, however, comment here on the specific ongoing legal matter raised in this petition. you can read the full terms of participation to get a better sense of why we the people is designed the way it is, and to learn more about its guidelines for use. thank you again for raising your voices.
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