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  • paul auster'ın 31 ocak 2017'de henry holt and co yayınevi tarafından yayımlanacak olan yeni kitabı. 880 sayfa olacakmış. auster'ın kurgu kategorisindeki son kitabı sunset park'tan (2010) 7 yıl sonraki kitabı olma özelliğini de taşıyor.goodreads'teki kitap özeti şu şekilde:

    "astonishing, a masterpiece, paul auster’s greatest, most satisfying, most vivid and heartbreaking novel--a sweeping and surprising story of inheritance, family, love and life itself.

    nearly two weeks early, on march 3, 1947, in the maternity ward of beth ısrael hospital in newark, new jersey, archibald ısaac ferguson, the one and only child of rose and stanley ferguson, is born. from one aunts- and unclesfilled beginning, ferguson will take four paths, find his way from four outlooks, live four entirely different lives. and listeners will take in his pleasures and ache from the losses in each life as each precious, mortal plot rushes on.

    as inventive and dexterously constructed as anything paul auster has ever written, yet with a passion for realism —and a great tenderness and fierce attachment to life itself—that listeners have never seen from auster before. 4321 is gorgeous, epic, affecting and resplendent, an epic."