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  • 2011 çıkışlı the cimmerian years albümünde yer alan thurisaz şarkısı.

    i looked myself in the eyes
    perhaps a glance of misperception
    the weary twilight in my soul
    i long for comforting words

    i'm scared but i try to smile
    repentant for all my sins
    will i ever be the same again?

    i'll wait to face the prison of my life
    the remnant of old and painful memories
    imperceptible to come, yet so harmful to all
    i taste love and hate
    a blindfold for a clear insight

    incomprehensible delusions and denial
    i agonize my self-hatred
    i reminisce the endless afterbirth
    i fall on my knees
    and surrender to my demise

    i conceal myself right now
    just in case your darker half should try to get out
    is it all worth while?
    'cause near the end we all long to die