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  • 1999 yılında piyasaya sürülen estatic fear albümü...

    intro ve 9 bölüm*den oluşan 10 parçalık albüm... kanımca en iyi parçası chapter viii (instrumental with two classical guitars) olan albüm, klasik müzik etkileşimli melodik doom'a verilebilecek en iyi örneklerdendir...
  • albumdeki tüm şarkı sözleri için:

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    1. intro


    2. chapter i

    the feeble leafs decline,
    enshrined in downing deep
    the mourn abandoned plains,
    laid down in sombre sleep
    misty shades engulf the sky
    like past, worn memories
    the bird's song fills the whispering breeze
    with autumns melody

    the lunar pale grim shape
    at evening's sight renews
    it's silented wail relieves
    repressed thoughts anew
    i hear the lonesome choir
    of fortunes past my way
    disdained in fiery weeps
    throughout my every day
    these skies i hail and treasure thee,
    most pleasant misery
    not pittes thorn i shelter thine
    mysterious harmony

    draw on most pleasant night
    shade my lorn exposed sight
    for my grief's when shadows told
    shall be eased in mist enfold
    why should the foolish's hope
    thy unborn passioned cry
    exhaust unheard
    beneath this pleasent sky?
    for if the dusking day declined
    could delight be far behind?

    3. chapter ii

    sengi amoris
    a mere passions fraud disgraced and to disgrace,
    in pacis quentis,
    with bewitched charm seduced my every days

    begone my burdened past, wont's these treasured
    dreams be freed from your bounds at last?
    tvemor inogeng
    makes the truth dilute the mirrage last
    osculum pudens
    makes my shattered present caught
    my buried past lured into my angers bed
    i pured my raging lust
    and touched these fairy eyes instead

    4. chapter iii

    eil mein gramgebeugt klagelied
    klim empor entiflieh der brust die dich gebo ren.
    am cage wohlverwahrt
    dem craumer offenbart
    ward deinem klang,
    des herzens kenntis gtets verwehrt
    magst dereingst kugh gereift
    dem geist der leis begreift
    mit holdem drang der seele wagh entziegn

    5. chapter iv

    the leafs and i entangled dance a harmonie
    i dare not stain with vain delight
    and thus embraced we roam the passing eve like a
    pillgrim who craves a shelters guiding light
    i question thee, beloved night to calm my joy
    so that i not like the weary leaves be strewed
    for i submitt to thy solitary grace (as) even springs
    life is by winters gaze subdued

    lost in a dream i beheld a maiden dance
    and when she sat down by a sliver stream
    plunging her feet in the shallow waves
    a mist descended, kissed her and fled
    and all that's before been just and fair
    shattered in a rain of crystal shards
    each of them a cry, a dream, a tear

    nunquam submergiove aut diffugo
    ira inflammata mea vita ad salutem nominarit
    et solitudo meurn robur

    everlasting be the war that i declare
    extinguished thy bewitched spark despair
    torched the pile upon which you
    are gathered (still) poisoning my weary heart

    and as the forked fires tongue licks high i won't
    lament thy fall
    but dance around the burning branches urged by furys
    and i again shall not be humble slaves but king to thee

    dreams on the barren field did lay strewed
    spread their wings rise up with solemn hope imbued
    ascend the stary stairs into a plain but dear refuge.

    6. chapter v

    many a weary night endured
    since the utter charm of joy has pured
    my unquiet dreams, my misery
    how sweat if i could share with thee
    unable to endure it's smile
    which kindly eased my sombre veil
    i frightened turned my burdened head
    and hid in slumbers shade instead

    but lifted from my mournful rest
    was i by thee nocturnal guest
    when though did vow to suffocate
    my tranquil dreams in thrones bed
    you spoke to me with loathed glow
    and thus have though not kept thy vow
    for when thy shadow sprang on me
    i closed my eyes in ecstasy

    7. chapter vi

    unveil yours eyes, see the special moon gone
    leaving not a single ray of joy to rest upon
    feast on those that crave thy kiss with a ghastly wail
    behold them cry as their faces innocence grows pale
    tempt them into approaching your obscure neglect
    until on your detesting laugh their hopes get wrecked
    praise this rage and the only eyes will see
    thy love abandoned mirrors image, thy only company

    8. chapter vii

    as the stars like ludicrous fauns,
    join the grim reapers dionystic glance
    we step forward together with the pale withered spring
    and join the pipings of their sombre dance

    9. chapter viii


    10. chapter ix

    the dawn arose, the slumbers shadows have passed
    the autumnal grace which so kindly has cast
    it's sombre yet gracious delight on my grief
    enshrouded and lulled by the winters far deeper relief

    as weary my days will grow from leisure apart
    i shall wait for your powers renewed
    i pray to whatever there be
    "let be my heard by your tenderness again imbued."

    cura a die renovato cedit
    dolor et laetitia conjungtus est

    delightful shade was all that i dared hope for
    thy silent charm alone remains to adore.
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