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  • 2003 yılında piyasaya sürülen satellite albümü... özellikle fish dönemi marillion'unu sevenlere şiddetle tavsiye edilir... parçalar zaman zaman fazla uzun ama bir ilk albüm için tam puan oldukça başarılı... albümün kapağını mark wilkinson'ın çizdiğini de belirtmekte fayda var... kendisini fish dönemi marillion albümlerinin kapaklarını ve fish'in solo albümlerinin kapaklarını tasarlamış çizer olarak da tanıyoruz...

    01 - the evening wind
    02 - on the run
    03 - midnight snow
    04 - no disgrace
    05 - not afraid
    06 - now
    07 - fight
    08 - a street between sunrise and sunset
    09 - children
  • albümle aynı adı taşıyan 11:18 dakikalık çok güzel parça...

    music: wojtek szadkowski
    lyrics: wojtek szadkowski

    you are walking slowly down the street
    in between the sunrise and the sunset
    what a thrill
    one step to the other side
    one step - leaving all behind
    and you decide which one is right and wrong
    i feel alive
    want you to feel like i do
    i feel alive
    is there someone to feel like i do?

    evening breeze, end of a day
    some will laugh, some will pray
    taxi cabs - lazy dogs
    wasting time on empty stops

    broken eyes, hollow tears
    pieces of all wasted years
    said and done, dreamed and billed
    moments lost and unfulfilled

    at the end of a day... nothing is easy
    you're caught in the half of your way

    teach me now how to free
    devils of my sanity
    how to drink from empty glass
    how to read from empty eyes

    teach me now, teach me well
    how to not to cry and say farewell
    how to stand straight on my way
    how to face the end of a day

    at the end of a day... nothing is easy
    you're caught in the half of your way

    i can't believe in what i see
    i can't pretend that i believe
    i see it sharp, i see it clear
    i know its my reality

    i take a breath
    so deep, and slow
    like mtv new videos
    i feel ok, ready to roll
    i just forgot what i am here for

    so bring me back my eyes to see
    my ears to hear, my heart to bleed
    my hands to touch, my lips to smile
    before its no more to rely on

    so bring me back my heart to see
    my heart to hear, my heart to bleed
    my heart to feel, my heart to smile
    my heart to love, my heart to die