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  • bacısına bir gram sevgi ve saygı beslemeyen tahta sahip olabilmek için yedi ceddini satabilecek sarı bir genç.
    (bkz: game of thrones)
  • bana feci halde rte'yi hatırlatandır.*
  • iktidarının başlarında çılgın projeleriyle tanınmış olan westeros kralı.

    "king aerys was full of schemes, boasting about his grand plans, then quickly forgetting about them in less than a moon's turn. aerys boasted upon his coronation about invading the stepstones and adding them to the seven kingdoms. when lord rickard stark of winterfell visited king's landing in 264 ac, the king hatched a plan to build a new wall hundreds of miles north of the current one and claim all the lands in between. after complaining about the stink of king's landing in 265 ac, aerys wanted to build a new city of white marble on the south bank of the blackwater. ın 267 ac, after a dispute with the ıron bank of braavos, aerys claimed he would build a war fleet and bring the titan of braavos to its knees. when he visited dorne in 270 ac, he told the princess of dorne that he would build an underwater canal and make the deserts bloom. nothing ever came from any of these grandiose schemes, as aerys was changeable and grew as bored with his ideas as quickly as they came to him."
  • --- spoiler 8x5 ---

    yarım kalan işi kızı tarafından tamamlanan kişi.
    --- spoiler ---