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  • bir kreator şarkısı.

    fire's coming down, hot winds blow the smoke away
    low screams of the survivers the innocent have paid
    nobody knows what happened, light was all they've seen
    people walk through the destruction of the enemy
    molten bodies become more and more,
    no chance to be saved
    helpless childreen seek for their parents
    but they're into the grave

    after the attack empty souls tormented brains
    after the attack deformed mutants psychical confusion
    after the attack nuclear winter in the land
    after the attack will this ever end

    everywhere starts the search for water and groceries
    hate rules the land you get nothing if you please
    fear is controlling all actions kill to survive
    the scarlet sky is the witness of all as the mutants
    between ruins rotting corpses lie the smell of burning
    all hope is in vain as death is creeping through the

    the only way out without pain is quick suicide
    all live in hell and fear
    it's your fate, it's better to die