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  • bir tori amos sarkisi..
  • ilk defa vietnam da kullanilan bir kimyasal silah.
  • sözlerini de kendisini de çok sevdiğim tori amos şarkısı. sözleri böyle;

    gotta tell you what i heard
    from agent orange
    mr. suntan
    mr. happy man
    mr. i-know-the-girls-on-all-the-world-tours
    mr. agent, yeah
    he's my favourite
    and they don't understand
    he's got palm oil fans
    yes, he's down and there and everywhere
    he's getting an a to z
    an underwater city where she swims and swims
  • 80li yillardan, hardcore'a da pas veren california'li bir punk rock grubu
    fire in the rain adli parcasi hos..
  • "virtually indestructible", "this is the voice", "when you least expect it..." ve "living in darkness" adlı albümleri çıkarmış punk rock grubu.
  • 1989 tarihli sodom albümü...
  • adı mete olan, evli, mütevazi bir dj
  • boys for pele albümünü alanlara yanında eşantiyon olarak verilen minik tang poşetindeki konsantre arnold schwarzenegger deneyimi:

    "naturally, if we're talking about the boy/girl matrix, there's going to be a war zone at some point in our story...and we go into agent orange. if we're gonna have a war, we have to bring warfare in. i decided to make him a bodybuilder because that memory has to transmute also - the skin. to become like tango, the idea of tang, or the idea or orangina, an orange muscle secret agent who we long...that song, agent orange is the one o'clock cabaret moment, where you're had a couple of amarettos on the rock, and there's just a sadness. but you know that sadness when you know your relationship is over and you're still alive? you know you're not dead. you've got all your body parts. you're all there. you've got a date. he's got a new love. (long dreamy pause) and you go on with it."

    "there's certain times when i wanted the listener to just lay there. with agent orange, i was hoping you could see this orange-bodied muscle man, and give yourself a giggle so that we'd transform this being from a mutilated skin person to orangina. it's the idea of becoming tang - transmuting the chemical effect. you can't forget that happened - you can't forget the warfare. so, of course there's that level. i just had to bring it in. i decided to bring it in as a muscle man."

    [aquarian weekly, 02/21/96
  • depeche modeun music for the masses albümünde yer alan enstrümental parçası.
  • dimension zero adlı isveç thrash/death grubunun ilk kurulduğundaki adı.