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  • 1980 lerde cikmis olan chaka khan parcasi. ozellikle 1984 yilinda cekilmis olan breakdance the movie ( save the last dance in 80lerdeki versiyonu da, diyebiliriz ) nin son sahnesindeki dans yarismasinda , breakdance ve modern dansin , ayni zamanda zenci ve beyazin karisimi ile ortaya sunulan dans sovu* esnasinda calan , 80 lere damgasini vurmus daha sonra da ornek vermek gerekirse diana king , george michael vs vs gibi bircok kisi tarafindan coverlanarak gunumuze kadar cesitli versiyonlari ile gelmeyi basarmis , soul , r'n b formatindaki parca.

    (bkz: ukte doldurmak)
  • sozleri a$agidaki gibidir.

    got you effortlessly
    that's the way it was
    happened so naturally
    didn't i know it was love
    the next thing i got was you
    holding me close
    what was i gonna do
    i let myself go
    now we fly through the stars
    i hope this night will last forever

    i've been waiting for you
    it's been so long
    i knew just what i would do
    when i heard your song
    will my heart beat a wisp
    you gave me freedom
    you knew i could not resist
    i needed someone
    and now we're flying through the stars
    i hope this night lasts forever

    ain't nobody loves me better
    makes me happy
    makes me feel this way
    ain't nobody loves me better than you

    i wait for night time to come
    to bring you to me
    i can't believe i'm the one
    i was so lonely
    i feel like no one could feel
    i must be dreamin'
    i was this dream to be real
    i'm in this feelin'
    i make my wish upon a star
    and hope this night will last forever

    ain't nobody loves me better
    makes me happy
    makes me feel this way
    ain't nobody loves me better
    ain't nobody loves me better than you

    first you put your arms around me
    then you put your charms around me
    i can't resist this sweet surrender
    oh my mind's so warm and tender
    we stare into each other's eyes
    and what we see is no surprise
    got a feelin' most would treasure
    and a love so deep we cannot measure

    ain't nobody loves me better
    makes me happy
    makes me feel this way
    ain't nobody loves me better than you
  • (bkz: breakin)
  • çook çook eğlenceli, gaz bir chaka khan şarkısı.. son ses dinleyip , baıra çaıra söylemek keyifli olur..
  • aint nobody but arif*
  • groovy bi söyler ki bunu böyle yer yerinden oynar.
  • ll cool j insanının da samplelarını kullanarak coverladığı şarkıdır.

    ll'in versiyonunun sözleri ise şöyle:

    i'm the best when it comes to makin' love all night
    throw your butterscotch body beneath the red light
    blaze it up girl, i'm a lace it real tight
    go deep 'til the full moon turn to sunlight
    'til the darkness is gone love remains strong
    like the bond between the child is so worn
    'til the touch, passionate interludes is such
    when your gone, your body's what i yearn to clutch
    just imagine ecstacy floatin' in a cloud
    animal attraction burnin' through the crowd
    heaven on earth, paradise for a price
    it's cool though, i'll play ya
    for the rest of my life, you know why

    1-ain't nobody does me better
    makes me happy, makes me feel this way
    ain't nobody does me better
    you can take it girl, stop runnin', uh...

    i'm explorin' your body and your aroginous zones
    like a black tiger caged up, 'til you come home lovely
    you make a man swoon like a boy
    the love is so soft, it gets hard to enjoy
    'cause the mind flys, and sometimes the sex lies
    smooth little girls fall in love with rough guys
    but you can chop a big heart down to pint size
    i guess that's what it sounds like when the dove cries
    uh, the whole world is trapped up in a maze
    but you say there's real good lovin' for rainy days
    uh, the lord works in mysterious ways
    he musta put you on this earth for all men to praise
    (rpt 1)

    as i travel through your body our souls become one
    indivisible, uh, it's getting critical son
    i'm on the run from love and chase me out the bag
    get the point boo, you hit it right on the head
    it's an endless adventure, two bodies collide
    can't fufill a dreams when a queen by side forever
    infinite time we intertwine destiny
    we fall in love by design
    what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours
    the road less traveled is ours to explore
    i adore you, heavenly angel shine light
    hold my hand, i'll be your guide through the night
    (rpt 1)

    (spoken by l.l.:) come on now, a man chooses a woman
    a woman chooses a man, give you half for a second
    then i'll give you the full plunge, uh
    (rpt 1)
  • duzenlemesi house musicin yaraticisi frankie knuckles'a ait serbet gibi bir chaka khan parcasi.
  • içinde bazı kısımlarında küçük küçük super mario'nun oyun şarkısının başlangıç kısımları gizli.
    seviyorum bu 80'leri!