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  • amiga'nin henuz pek html yokken sahip oldugu hypertext dokuman formati..
  • aha bu technique bbs'in amigaguide formatinda dokumanindan bir kuple mesela:

    @database "why technique bbs"
    @$ver:faq.technique v1.0
    @author "mit/clique"
    @font topaz.font 8

    @node main "da info 'bout technique bbs"

    @{b}:general index:@{ub}

    @{" introduction " link intro}
    @{" technique bbs " link info}
    @{" t.s.b.a. " link tsba}
    @{" dial-up? " link phone}
    @{"not understood?" link again}
    @{" others !?! " link others}


    @node intro "introduction"

    hi all!! this is mit/clique ... but .. go to other section..
    read about my @{"bbs" link info} .... ok?? cya l8r!!


    @node info "technique bbs"
    technique bbs

    nnnn.. now let's talk about my bbs ... this is my own system.. it's
    running on a modified a500 mk .. due to hdd problems.. sometime it's
    offline.. but never will be offline totally ! we have more then 24
    conferences online. netmail in turkiye will be available as soon as
    possible .. maybe fido too?? who knows ?? running on /x 3.3x ..
    programming / h/p/a / amiexpress support / electronics
    are some of our features.. our h/p/a conf is named as the most
    hard-to-get-in h/p/a conferance in turkiye.. so.. ring us as
    soon as possible

    due to this f*cking hdd problem we're online at


    (turkish time)
    i'll try to go 24 hrs as soon as possible...