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  • soulseekte gecen bir diyalogta :

    [snowblow] whats the difference between locally queued and remotely queued ?
    [tarrasque] locally queued means that you limit the number of uploads
    [pici] downloads
    [tarrasque] oh, downloads, sorry.
    [pici] :)
    [tarrasque] amina kodugum pici:)
    [pici] sorry?
    [pici] amina kodugum <--what that means?
    [tarrasque] oh, pici i thought you were italian
    [pici] well i think amina kodugum is not italian,,it doesnt sound so
    [pici] btw im greek
    [tarrasque] yes. thats not italian. i just "thought" you were italian
    [pici] ok :)
    [tarrasque] thats azerbaijani
    [tarrasque] and that means you are welcome
    [pici] okz thanx.!
    [tarrasque] you are welcome, amina kodugum pici :)
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