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  • adını ballard'ın aynı adlı kitabından alan, closer'ın açılışını yapan paranoyak ritmli güzel joy division şarkısı.
  • closer albumunu acan muazzam joy division parcasi.

    the silence when doors open wide
    where people could pay to see inside
    for entertainment they watch
    his body twist
    behind his eyes he says i still exist
    this is the way, step inside (4)

    in arenas he kills for a prize
    wins a minute to add to his life
    but the sickness is drowned
    by cries for more
    pray to god make it quick - watch him fall
    this is the way, step inside (4)

    this is the way (4) this is the way,
    step inside
    you'll see the horrors of a far-away place
    meet the architects of law
    face to face
    see mass murder on a scale
    you've never seen
    and all the ones who tried hard
    to succeed
    this is the way, step inside (4)

    and i picked on the whims of
    a thousand more
    still pursuing the path
    that's been buried
    for years of dead woods and jungles and
    cities on fire, can't replace
    or relate,
    can't release or repair -
    take my hand,
    and i'll show you what was - it will be.
  • kitap için (bkz: the atrocity exhibition)
  • this is the way. step. aside.