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  • http://www.axisofjustice.org/
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  • jeffrey are you listening'de gayet güzel dokundurmalar yapmışlar,ayarlar vermişler.

    blessed are the criminals that pursue crime as a hobby
    as soldier who kill the enemy for fun
    as hookers prostituting for joy.

    tall trees and submarines
    skin deep abrasions.
    god's children serving dearly
    should be forgiven.

    jeffery are you listening?

    are you listening?

    out of their fierce bellies.
    like a swordfish dance hall metholyptus cough drops you on your ass.

    i'm encountering a strange revival
    that of the mind.
    mechanism of our human experience.

    unlike the staggering loop forced contemplations
    of the ego based mind of trouble and canoes.

    i am rencountering the thriving pinnacle
    of the expansive existential thought processes.

    jeffery are you listening?

    out of their fierce bellies.
    like a swordfish dance hall metholyptus cough drops you on your ass.

    on the other foot,
    why not laugh?
    laugh of well being,
    for it is that which drives us men to evolve.

    its the trick of life,jeffery are fucking you listening?

    we are freezing standing in front of our electric heaters,nuking our food.
    we are tired of your transparent "who pays the bills sets the ways" foreign policy.
    we are tired of sending our troops to foreign soils to die,not knowing why,and who's interest they were sacrificed for.
    we are ashamed to see the way you take care of your people,by cutting social services,and aid to those most in need.

    explain me something
    how could the richest country in the world have starving children?

    heres the fucking point
    nations and their governments should provide,protect,and serve it's citizens.
    not the interest of the multinationals.

    jeffery are you listening?
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