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  • orjinali eski bir romandir. ne yazarini ne de kokenini biliyorum ama pek cok yeni versiyonu yapildi sonradan. (hatta walt disney production olani da var). ama en cok unlenisi beauty an the beast dizisi ile oldu.
  • nightwish - angels fall first albumunden

    remember the first dance we shared?
    recall the night you melted my ugliness away?
    the night you left with a kiss so kind
    only a send of beauty left behind

    ah dear friend i remember the night
    the moon and the dreams we shared
    your trembling paw in my hand
    dreaming of that northern land
    touching me with a kiss of a beast

    i know my dreams are made of you
    of you and only for you
    your ocean pulls me under
    your voice tears me asunder
    love me before the last petal falls

    as a world without a glance
    of the ocean's fair expanse
    such the world would be
    if no love did flow in thee
    but as my heart is occupied
    your love for me now has to die
    forgive me i need more than you can offer me

    didn't you read the tale
    where happily ever after was to kiss a frog?
    don't you know this tale
    in which all i ever wanted
    i'll never have
    for who could ever learn to love a beast?

    however cold the wind and rain
    i'll be there to ease your pain
    however cruel the mirrors of sin
    remember beauty is found within

    ...forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you...
  • tek kelimeyle muhtesem nightwish parcasi. duet seklinde tezahur eder.
  • bir guzel sesli hatun vokal, bir de death vokalin bi arada oldugu gruplara kimi cevrelerce verilen isim. after forever, tristania, ilk albumuyle within temptation gibi ornekler verilebilir.
  • şu sıralar arçelik imax'de üç boyutlu versiyonuyla izleyebileceğimiz walt disney klasiği.
  • power aleminin kralı.
  • celine dion'un bir herifle beraber söylediği şarkı. herhalde aynı isimli dizinin müziği. sözleri:

    tale as old as time
    true as it can be
    barely even friends
    then somebody bends
    just a little change
    small to say the least
    both a little scared
    neither one prepared
    beauty and the beast

    ever just the same
    ever a surprise
    ever as before
    ever just as sure
    as the sun will rise

    tale as old as time
    tune as old as song
    bittersweet and strange
    finding you can change
    learning you were wrong
    certain as the sun
    rising in the east
    tale as old as time
    song as old as rhyme
    beauty and the beast

    tale as old as time
    song as old as rhyme
    beauty and the beast