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--- spoiler the it crowd ---

jen: i've got aunt irma visiting
moss: oh do you not like aunt irma? i've got an aunt like that.
jen: its my term for my time of the month.
roy: oh.
moss: what time of the month? the weekend?
jen: no.
moss: does aunt irma visit on the weekend?
jen: you know its high tide.
moss: but we're not on the coast.
roy: moss!
jen: i'm closed for maintenance.
moss: closed for maintenance?
roy: moss!
jen: i've fallen to the communists.
moss: well they do have some strong arguments.*
roy: carrie moss! first scene in carrie!
moss: ohh... okay, yap, yap, yep, no, nope nope yep nope naa aah...

--- spoiler the it crowd ---

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