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erdinç ecevit yıldız

"as a small child ı didn't want to be anything else as a musician. the feeling that ı got when ı was allowed to perform with my father at the turkish weddings was indescribable. ı prefer not to do anything else. ı remember the grandfather and grandmother's cassette player who usually played at neşet ertaş, those songs have always remained with me and now make up a large part of the repertoire that ı play with altın gün. after having played around 10 years at turkish parties, it was time for something new, for me there was much more in traditional turkish music and the songs from neşet ertaş, finding people with the same vision just didn't happen by themselves . three years ago ı met in the vondelbunker in amsterdam for a new project that formed into altın gün. when we rehearsed the first song malabadi köprüsü everything fell into place. today, three years later ı stand with the same saz on which ı practiced as a 12 year old three days in a row in front of a sold-out room in ıstanbul and ı realize that the dream ı had as a 12 year old became reality. this year also promises great adventures with gigs around the world." *


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