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respect my authority

stans dad: uh... yes officer?

cartman: its 40 mile's per hour back there, do you no what the speed limit is?

stans dad: well acording to that sign right there its 40 mile's per hour.

cartman: step out of the car please sir.

stans dad: what a second, arnt you stans little friend.

cartman: sir step out of the car.

stans dad: yer, your theone who always plugs up the toilet at our house.

cartman: ay! i am a cop and you respect my authority!!!!

stans dad: yer right, you better get back to school little boy.

cartman pulls out baton & hits him with it.

stans dad: ow!

cartman: get your ass in jail!

stans dad: ow, what the hell are you doing, you cant do that! ow!

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