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kagit ustunde her anlamda*** inanilmaz basarili underrated sehir devlet.

toplumsal basarilarinin anahtari bir nevi damizlik yontemi: eugenics and education in singapore

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“ıf you don’t include your women graduates in your breeding pool and leave them on the shelf, you would end up a more stupid society…so what happens? there will be less bright people to support dumb people in the next generation. that’s a problem.”

lee kuan yew believed that intelligence was innate and inherited, and that eugenics programmes – such as incentives for the sterilisation of mothers without o-levels and tax rebates for graduate mothers – were therefore justified by the future economic success they were sure to bring to the country, by virtue of having a more intelligent workforce. having a talented workforce (whatever your beliefs on the origins of talent) was and is more important for singapore than for most other countries. singapore is a city state; an island of only 5.3 million people and no natural resources.

when it got kicked out of the malaysian federation in 1965 after a falling out between lee kuan yew’s party (the people’s action party) and the central malaysian government, yew cried on national television. ıt did seem hopeless – singapore relied on imports, and didn’t even have its own water supply. the only hope singapore had of succeeding economically was to develop the country’s human resources through education, and produce a literate and technically skilled workforce that would allow singapore to become a centre of industry, and later, business.

they did this remarkably successfully, as indicated by the fact that they now have the third highest gdp per capita in the world, and a top performing education system by many measures. since singapore’s independence, the education system has been carefully designed and adapted to meet the changing needs of the country’s economy.
--- spoiler ---

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