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skin in the game

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the sense of danger must not disappear.
how to deal with uncertainty?
how to live in a world we do not understand?
science knows its own limits. we have theorems that can scientifically and rigorously be proven. the rest is our business. the things covered by grandmothers, but not science! undo the damage people use science on areas that science not developed enough.

skin in the game is about fairness, commercial efficiency, risk management and also understanding the world.

expert crisis and expert problem
most of the job require people to be expert on the domain. however, in the modernity things changed. now, if a person is an architect, the person's expertise is evaluated by other architects. however, in the old times, the expertise of an architect is evaluated if his buildings erected well and did not collapse.
ın economics, to be expert you do not have to be right. you just have to be accepted by other economists. collective shield after the early phases.
skin in the game is having incentives.

1. if someone is going to be harmed, it must be you!
2. disincentive
3. skin in the game is filtering. puting disincentive is not enough. you must filter the rotten apples.

risk takers, entrepreneurship create society and bureaucrats collapse it.

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