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b is for beer

dokuz yaşındaki bir kız çocuğuna yapılabilecek en şahane tavsiyeyi içeren eğlencelik tom robbins kitabıdır; şöyle ki:

"i want you to promise me that you'll always be this brave,that when exploiters disguised as public servants offer you protection from puffed-up dangers,you'll turn your back and skip away. promise me you won't be afraid to travel,of people different than yourself,of spiders,bats,bullies,dentists,attorneys,peer pressure,bad taste,social disapproval,insecurity,sugar elves.."

"why would sugar elfs..?"

"never mind.that you won't quake before old man with titles,and most especially,that you'll never be afraid to love,not even when there's a chance you aren't being loved in return."

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