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- uses computers and various devices to generate sounds.
- is never satisfied with anything.
- likes the woods, the sea and the mountains.
- comes out of the woods close to the sea just by the mountains.
- fears getting erased from myspace again.
- enjoys good single malt whiskey. maybe a little bit too much.
- hasn´t got time to listen to "a new song on myspace".
- sometimes gets along with women slightly better than with men.
- would really like to have a greyhound but berlin isn´t the place for that.
- dosen´t play any instrument very well.
- forgets to tell some people how important they are from time to time.
- tends to waste nice summers.
- has no secret weapon to make certain tones and noises.
- gets mad about things quite easily.
- probably needs a haircut a bit more often.

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