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coen biraderler'in blood simple'in kitaplastirilmis senaryosunun on sozunde hayranlik uyandiracak kadar dogru tanimladigi kisilerdir: "young writers just starting out and eager to make good should know that the world teems with critics—ugly, bitter people, fat and acned for the most part, often afflicted with gout, dropsy and diseases of the inner ear—always they know better , always they recognize just exactly what is missing, always; always they can point to a finer choice.
that is why on occasion we search them out. but beware: though the critic can tell you how to improve, he will never tell you what is equally important, when to stop improving. the critic is a lonely man , and a crafty one. he knows that if he tells you your work is finished, then you will also be finished listening to him. "

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21.11.2006 06:47