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kartal özmızrak

deron williams'ın blogundan:

"we have kartal ozmizrak, my young fella. he's just 16 years old, but he's going to be very good. he's been playing quite a bit lately. we've had some blowouts, so he's gotten some good time on the floor. he's only 16, but he goes out and competes every day, and doesn't look like he's afraid. it says something about kartal that he's been suiting up for the games, and some of the older guys haven't. he's going to be a good player if he can get a consistent shot. he's a point guard and has the floor game. he sees the game well, knows when to pressure the ball, has good court vision and makes some great passes. it's just a matter of him getting a solid jumper."


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24.11.2011 01:31