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das schloss

insanları saçma beklentileri nedeniyle hayal kırıklığına uğratan bir haneke filmi. bu altı üssü bir tv filmidir çünkü. haneke'nin bir edebiyat uyarlamasının altından da hakkıyla kalkabileceğinin en güzel kanıtı için (bkz: la pianiste)

aradaki fark içinse kendi sözlerine kulak vermek gerekir:

"i would draw a definite line between "the castle" and "the piano teacher," because "the castle" was made for television, and i'm very clear about the distinction between a tv version and a movie. films for tv have to be much closer to the book, mainly because the objective with a tv movie that translates literature is to get the audience, after seeing this version, to pick up the book and read it themselves. my attitude is that tv can never really be any form of art, because it serves audience expectations. i would not have dared to turn "the castle" into a movie for the big screen; on tv, it's ok, because it has different objectives. but with "the piano teacher," if you compare the structure of the novel to the structure of the film, it's really quite different, and i feel i've been dealing very freely with the novel and the way it was written. i would say that my version of looking at the story is pretty distanced and cool, while the novel itself is almost angry and very emotional. the novel is much more subjective and the film is much more objective. "

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