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erol köse'ye saydırdığı efsâne programının özet videosunu yemeyip içmeyip ingilizce'ye çevirdiğim ekran ünlüsü. videoyu o kadar çok izlemişliğim var ki, türkçe bilmeyen herkes okusun az da olsa fikir sâhibi olsun istiyorum.

çok boş bir insanım evet.

videoyu hâli hazırda metne dönüştürmüş olan siz beni uzemezsiniz matmazel'e ayrıca teşekkürler. (bkz: #41287965)


“me, i swear, being a woman disciplined after her child’s birth, who the hell are you to judge me? who the hell are you? my advice to you, what a shame, go take care of your daughter first. i hope god will not discipline you with your daughter. i hope god will not discipline you with your wife you left behind. you are a very low guy. very low. to the extent to hit people below the belt. i know your mentors as well. your mentors had better check their wives’ porns first. don't make me expose them all! dude, you will watch your step. everyone will watch their steps, it’s not that easy to claim in this country that your government is... who the hell is protecting you, what government is that, what government is protecting you? who?! i can pay anyone to account, no one can criticize me with that. living flawlessly, working in this country, working like a dog, trying to live like a queen, trying to support her child and family in the best way that she could, paying taxes leoninely, helping people… what the hell have you all done, huh, what the hell? what have you done, where? nasty! you ungrateful dishonorable man! you even think that this is manhood, even this is not manhood. go commit suicide. i would never be ungrateful, no matter what. go hang yourself. i would hang myself, you know what, i am such a woman. if i am earning money, whoever those people are, it’s none of my business, i will say i didn’t see, i don’t know!

to my twenty-year-old child who the hell are you? can you hurt him? you think i will let a hair on his head be harmed? especially by a clown like you? you clown. if you had a sense of parenthood, you would go collect… and yours is a girl. go collect your child from bars. go take care of your wife you left behind. see, i am around, like a lion. i am simply like a lion! truly. i am more man than you are. besides, you are picking on women. this makes me so sad. i mean, what exactly is your problem? you definitely have a problem, you do. all with women. now i am telling how this guy began to hold a grudge against me first. this guy, following that thing between us… i have them all!

moreover, you are mentioning the name of this government. what government, who is that, is there any other government? is there another government i don’t know? government is what he directly says! again he has tweeted, “my government is with me.”, and who is with me? no one is with me, dude, no one. come! how could this happen? a guy comes out, attacks people’s wives, daughters, children, integrity, everything; and we are like gosh i will not get involved, he shall not say this to me. say what you want, go say it, go! your wife’s breasts were almost in our mouths when she was by your side? find those pictures, i will have them found, i have them all! what a pity on that woman, too. i kept my silence just because i came to your home and drank a cup of coffee, you filthy!

on “popstar” you came out and declared your love for gülşen. then you said for gülşen, right in front of turkish people you said “i am married but i am in love, what am i supposed to do?” and then to the woman you said “gülşen has been run over by a dozer.”, implying reha muhtar. how low. this makes me sick. makes me sick. i have never talked following a break-up. and none of them talked about me. because truly, i have never done evil to anyone, and i never will. what i always have done is kindness. always. because my spirit is not that kind. i can not harm anyone, i never have. all my life never. i have not. talking like this are two or three. and these have gone nuts about me. all these years, how blessing for your seda that two, three, not more than three clowns, pay attention. they are three clowns. at most two clowns that are talking. two clowns. if they went and did their thing, maybe they would move forward. these are clowns. do not give credit to these. everything they write and say is lies. erol köse, i am against you, as a woman. no man could stand against you, now i am. come and we will have a talk, come. don’t go and clown around left and right. you are a clown anyway, turkish people saw you as a clown for the first time. they saw you as a clown. well, you are a clown. you keep talking. saying you are a doctor, you are trying to despise me, claiming i am uncultured. here i educated myself five times better than you did. i am a ghetto child, coming from there. the toilet of my house was outside. i’ll die for that. you, die for all the ghetto children. for all those living there, you die, you die!”

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