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  • ravenheart albümünden leziz xandria sarkisi. sözlerini de yazayim tam olsun:
    incinerate my skin
    and touch me far far beyond
    burn me out, my sin
    and take me deeper underground
    i know it's way too late
    when this dance has begun
    so put on the heat
    and let the fire run

    take me away, my black flame

    immaculate you are
    in your tender violence
    and when you touch my heart
    i'll always lower my defense
    don't let me wait too long
    cause i don't like to be save
    we know we can't go wrong
    on our way through time and space

    take me away, my black flame
  • renaissance şarkısı olanın sözleri şu şekilde:
    i am words, i am speaking
    i never heard my conclusion
    lost the way in my confusion, in illusion
    lost inside the picture frame

    i'm not to blame, i didn't see - the black flame
    i'm not ashamed, its poetry - the black flame
    i'm rearranged, it's changing me - the black flame
    burns my blackened brain

    i am strong, i am leaving
    i never knew i'd feel the need so
    where to go, i'll turn the flow, i could not know
    screams inside the burning pain

    it's spinning head, it's under hand - the black flame
    it lies instead, i turned and i ran - the black flame
    on me, it fed, i understand - the black flame
    burns my blackened brain

    run from me, don't you see
    that we are one and i'm a part of you
    get away, any way
    i'm still a secret in the heart of you
    and i'm the burning in your soul

    now i'm weak, i am losing
    i never thought i'd stop trying
    i'm a lie, i'm just a sigh, just a crying
    just a symbol of the game

    suspended pain, i can not face - the black flame
    intended fear, i can not trace - the black flame
    extended reaching into space - the black flame
    burns my blackened brain
  • 2018 çıkşlı bury tomorrow albümü.


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    02. adrenaline
    03. black flame
    04. my revenge
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    07. the age
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