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  • pain of salvation'in one hour by the concrete lake isimli albumlerinden , 8.sirada bulunan track.

    sozleri su sekilde gorulmektedir :

    'they tell all the people of europe, it's a good, clean industry, it's a
    great way to save the world. but i'm here to tell you that now they're
    knocking on our door because they can't find any place to store the damned
    stuff for eternity, they come to our homeland and they want to lease some
    land for 10,000 years!'

    this was our home - we had our truth
    bled for our creed - why must we still bleed?
    your tailings are bound forever in this ground...
    so you come for our holy ground
    when your nature's gone and your house has burnt down

    for hundreds of years you've hurt this land
    eating what's there, leaving a wasteland
    but there are no space to hold all your mistakes

    still you come for our holy ground
    when your nature's gone and your houses are all burnt down

    'to this day, they will not return our sacred land, even though their
    highest hypocritical court said that we could and indeed did, own the
    black hills. i still continue to struggle for the eventuality of regaining that sacred land.'
  • fazla ilgi görmeyen bir şarkıdır. halbuki sözleri anlamlıdır ve melodileri hoştur,akıcıdır...3:40 ve 5:35 arası dinlerken başka diyarlara sürüklenilir...
  • rocky mountains'in doğusunun en yüksek tepelerini kapsayan, güney dakota ve wyoming arasındaki küçük dağlık bir alandır.
  • bir gardens & villa şarkısı.


    all through the night i was a redwood before your door
    so i don't die realize who was here before
    sunlight through the blinds
    black hills white nights
    oh and you know native bones mixed in the walls
    adobe bricks can make us scented wind and red clouds
    sunlight through the blinds
    black hills white nights
    up on the mountain we climb
    we watch the seas rise so high
    we will be baptized just like before
    white night sunlight
  • gardens and villa'nın gülümseten bir klibe sahip, güzel şarkısı.


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