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  • (bkz: boadicea)
    (bkz: boudicca)
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  • beyaz perdede olga kurylenko tarafından canlıdırılacak olan tarihi savaşçı kadın.

    --- spoiler ---

    kurylenko, whose credits include quantum of solace and black widow, will team up with writer-director jesse v. johnson (the debt collector, avengement) on the project, which the producers have scheduled for an august production start in wales.

    ınspired by events in a.d. 60, boudica follows the eponymous celtic warrior who rules the ıceni people alongside her husband prasutagus. when he dies at the hands of roman soldiers, boudica’s kingdom is left without a male heir and the romans seize her land and property.

    driven to the edge of madness and determined to avenge her husband’s death, boudica rallies the various tribes from the region and wages an epic war against the mighty roman empire.

    --- spoiler ---

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