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  • meshuggah'nın son albümü the violent sleep of reason'ın 4. şarkısı. sözleri de şöyledir:

    to you a beast you think you comprehend
    not necessarily made all evil
    ın the reflective pool of your eyes
    ı see fear and intrigue co-mingle

    you hesitate to deem me all bad
    yet when my face is shown, your eyes avert
    new thoughts sprout from that fearfilled soil
    your nerves and intuition back on full alert

    you think that you've seen the truth, you think you know
    yet disbelief grinds, the doubt it claws
    ın your sleepless delirium ı devour your thoughts

    ıf you only knew how your way of life sustains me

    like electricity coursing through my soul
    your will to retaliate, your vengeful thoughts announced
    ı bring you me - conflict and death
    and the promise of spilling red by the ton

    ı just might be there in your final moment
    ı just might be the last thing your eyes take in