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  • soursummitzin adresini hatırlayamayıp, aramaya da üşenince (bkz: aramaya üşenmek) adres bara http://soursummitz.com/ yazmam üzerine karşıma çıkan uyarı yazısı. gerisi şöyle:

    the page cannot be displayed
    the page you are looking for is currently unavailable. the web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, its administrator may have slipped on the ethernet cable or whatever.

    please try the following:

    click the refresh button, do a quick prayer or just try again later.

    if you typed the page address in the address bar, type it somewhere else.. of course, it won't work, i'm just checking how dumb you are..

    to check your connection settings, click somewhere on the desktop, and then click wtf. if it seems weird, indeed , click the power switch. the settings should match one to the other and your isp is responsable* for all kind of fault.
    if your network administrator is lazy enough , microsoft windows can examine your network and automatically discover network connection settings. i've never seen microsoft windows achieve such thing, so don't even bother and wake that #%%# administrator up!

    click detect network settings

    some sites require 128-bit connection security, and some don't. it proves how amazing the world of internet is, nothing else.. click the ma$allah button and then click about internet explorer to determine how religious your browser is.
    if you are trying to reach a secure site, just what do you think you are doing?! make sure your phone line is analogue and fbi troops are not on your street. click i'm only 17 , and then click i swear it won't happen again. on the advanced tab, scroll to the security section and check settings for cia, kgb and gru.

    click the get me hell the out of here button to try another link.

    cannot find server or there is no server
    internet explorer

    (bkz: ne şimdi bu)
  • bir mikado absürd yaklaşımlar üretim faktoryası eseri.