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  • canon'un muhtemel canon eos 5d güncellemesinin muhtemel adı. resmi olarak bugün duyurulan canon gövdesi, 1080p hd video kayıt yetisine sahip, canon için ilk video kayıt eden dslr gövde aynı zamanda.

    canon ergonomisine alışmış olanların rahatlıkla kullanabileceği bir tasarıma sahip, nikon'dan transfer olanlar bazı konularda hayal kırıklığına uğrasa da artıları eksilerini örter. objektif seçiminde itina gerektirir, film için üretilmiş objektiflerin gövde üzerindeki performansı bazı durumlarda hayal kırıklığına neden olabilir. objektifin ille de kırmızı halka taşıması gerekmez ama giriş seviyesi objektiflerle performansını sergileyemediği açık. otomatik netlik sistemi malumunuz artık eski kabul ediliyor ama hızlı konularla çalışmıyorsanız kesinlikle pişman olacak birşey yok, ışık ölçüm sisteminin de eskidiği söylenebilir ama çok problem yaratmıyor, zaten fotoğraflar raw kaydediliyor. 5d'de kullanıcıların kabusu toz, kir vs. prime kullandığım için abuk yerlerde bile objektif değiştirmek zorunda kaldığım halde benim başıma dert olmadı. yüksek asa performansına gelince iso6400'de temiz sonuçlar elde edebiliyorsunuz, üstünü kullanırsanız büyük boyutlu baskılar için bazı durumlarda biraz uğraşmak gerekebilir ama zaten raw çekiyorsanız birşeylerle uğraşıyorsunuzdur.


    * 36 x 24mm cmos ile 21 milyon efektif piksel
    * 9 noktalı af, 6 yardımcı netlik noktası
    * digic iv
    * 1080p full hd video
    * nokta ölçüm %3.5, parçalı %8, 35 noktalı ölçüm sistemi
    * iso50-25600
    * 1/200sn flaş senkron hızı
    * pentaprizma, %98 görülebilirlik, %71 büyütme
    * 3" 920000 px lcd
    * 30 - 1/8000sn
    * 3.9 fps
    * 13 ardıl raw, 78 ardıl jpeg
    * hdmi
    * 152 x 113.5 x 75
    * 810gr

    * mart ortasında gelecek 2.0.3 ile video için problem olan fps kısıtı çözülmüş olacak.
    25fps kayıt örneği http://www.canon-europe.com/…e_my_friends/video.asp

    * v2.0.3 duyuruldu.

    * 2.0.3 kaldırıldı, hatalar giderilerek v2.0.4 duyuruldu.
    * 2.0.7 http://web.canon.jp/….html?submitbuttonname=i agree
    * 2.0.9 win: http://goo.gl/qvdg9 & mac: http://goo.gl/lib2u
    * 2.1.1 http://goo.gl/waz7l

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    a full-frame eos dslr gets even better-with 21.1 mp cmos sensor and much more.

    dc resource

    all things considered, the canon eos-5d mark ii is a very impressive digital slr. for the canon enthusiast who wants to step up to a full-frame body, it’s an excellent choice.

    neutral day

    it’s 21.1 megapixel sensor is capable of taking breathtaking imagery, it’s af system is very fast and entirely competent (if a bit dated), and it’s iso performance opens up possibilities likely not seen by most photographers, especially those moving up from prosumer level cameras.


    for users who’ve been wanting a full-frame slr, there’s no doubt that the eos 5d mark ii is a great option. kudos to canon for taking a great camera and finding ways to make it better.

    dp review

    we have always placed a heavy emphasis on image quality, and all other things aside this means the 5d mark ii has to receive our highest rating.


    the full-frame sensor translates to superior flexibility when shooting wide-angle and panoramic scenes, the high megapixel count means more flexibility in cropping and editing files, and the extraordinary level of customizability allows users to tailor the camera features to precisely match their image style desires and shooting preferences.

    canon professional network

    i can see some of the ‘weaknesses’ it has compared to the 1 series but, those aside, it is really good. for me, the image quality coupled with the size and weight of the camera are very, very appealing.

    pdn gear guide

    while there are some definite stumbles-in particular, the focus system in low light was disappointing-other features live up to the hype. as a very solid low-end full-frame camera, the 5d ii is definitely no flash in the pan.


    it represents an advance in features over the original eos 5d and the overall image quality is generally higher-though that higher quality may only be revealed in large prints.

    what digital camera?

    canon users may now have the resolution of the 1ds mark iii in a smaller and much cheaper body, but it’s clear that the similarities end there. rather than being a straightforward derivative of its pro sibling, the 5d mark ii has its predecessor as its template, but with its 50d sibling as a strong influence.

    steve’s digicams

    with superb image quality and performance, the new 5dmk2 can confidently continue to fill the gap between canon’s entry/consumer-level and all out pro dslr models.

    b&h photo

    priced under $2700, the canon eos 5d mark ii is an impressive camera that enables the user to capture monstrous, pro-quality still and video image files for far less than half the price of canon’s flagship eos 1ds mark ii.

    imaging resource

    the canon 5d mark ii is indeed a premium digital slr. it’s not just the very high resolution that makes it stand out, but the excellent high iso performance, effectively giving you the freedom to shoot handheld in conditions where you’d normally need a flash or a tripod.

    the digital picture

    it is a great upgrade to all owners of non-1-series bodies – and even some 1-series body owners are going to want one.

    cnet asia

    the eos 5d mark ii is a very good camera for enthusiasts who are looking for a full-frame option, and has all the bells and whistles which makes this shooter not only a decent still image shooter, but also an industry grade video camera, too, as long as you have proper equipment.

    roland lim

    the image quality is simply amazing with very high resolution and very good high iso performance. as far as image quality is concerned, i think most users would be more than pleased with the 5d mark ii. however, in areas such autofocus, canon still lacks behind the competition.

    photo review

    image noise was barely visible in test shots taken at iso settings up to 3200, regardless of whether they were short or long exposures. beyond that point, the visibility of noise increased steadily, although colour accuracy and sharpness were retained right up to iso 25,600.

    camera labs

    canon’s eos 5d mark ii is a powerful and feature-packed dslr that represents a significant upgrade over the original 5d, and a tough rival in the growing ‘affordable’ full-frame market.

    the online photographer (first impressions)

    i don’t find a thing to complain about with regard to the build-quality of the 5d mark ii body. you have to realize, however, that i consider lightness in a camera to be an asset, not a liability.


    it takes a great full-frame dslr, the original 5d (pop photo’s 2005 camera of the year), boosts damn near everything, adds high-definition video capture, and turns in an overall performance that makes it a virtual steal (or at least as close as a steal comes in this price bracket).

    ken rockwell

    any image defects you see are most likely due to your own lack of expertise, and you had better have some extraordinarily good lenses to take advantage of the resolution.

    phil holland

    the body and autofocus alone make it my camera of choice. however, if i shot more street work, shot weddings, or just needed to finally get rid of that pesky canon d30 finally (you guys know you’re out there) i’d say the 5d mark ii is a great buy.

    pro photo home

    the point here is to review the video mode for the regular purchaser of the cam. they will most likely be disappointed in the video mode. i didn’t bother to mention how “fiddly” the whole operation is compared to a proper pro camcorder with zoom controls, a shoulder mount, etc., etc.


    there’s virtually no visible noise at all from iso 50 all the way up to iso 3200, with even the three faster settings of 6400-25600 producing perfectly usable images. canon seem to have matched the low-light performance of the nikon d3 and d700 whilst substantially increasing the resolution.


    resolution is as good or better at the same iso as the original 5d, but the range is extended somewhere between one and three stops in a sensor with 65% more pixels.

    digital rev (hands-on preview)

    whether you were thrilled with the idea of the hd movie recording or not, one thing is for sure and that’s the canon eos 5d mark ii has improved over its formidable predecessor and offers solid performance as a semi-pro camera.

    digital pro talk (hands-on preview)

    i can’t wait to permanently get my hands on this baby. the phenomenally high iso capabilities promise some unbelievable benefits especially to us event shooters.

    dp review (hands-on preview)

    so here is the 5d mark ii, which punches high in terms of both resolution and features, headlining: 21 megapixels, 1080p video, 3.0¨ vga lcd, live view, higher capacity battery. in other words, a camera that aims to leapfrog both its direct rivals, either in terms of resolution (in the case of the d700) or features (in the case of the dslr-a900).
  • ismi kesinleşmese de 22 nisan'da duyurulacağı söylentileri dolaşmaya başlamış canon modeli, çıkacağı öne sürülen özellikler insanın aklını başından alacak cinsten, 2 haziran'da satışı başlayacakmış dediklerine göre..

    tahmini özellikleri:

    - 15.3 mp full frame cmos sensor
    - kötü hava şartlarına dayanıklılık (1ds mark iii gibi)
    - çift digic iii işlemci
    - 14bit raw
    - iso 12800 (max. 25600)
    - dahili algılayıcı temizleme
    - 29 noktalı ttl ışık ölçümü
    - 3.0" lcd (922,000 pixels)
    - live view (450d'de kullanılan yeni jenerasyon)
  • sızan haberlere göre 300.000 kare ömrüne ve 6fps'lik işlemciye sahip olan bir makine.
    ilk olarak canon'un almanya'daki web sitesinden bir screenshot gelmiş : http://www.photographybay.com/…non-germany-website/
  • canon'un canon eos 40d ve canon eos 1ds mark iii ile yaptigi atilimlarin devami. 1d ve 40d arasinda kalan 5d goruntu kalitesi iyi olsa da nikon'un cok ileri nitelikli nikon d300 ve ozellikle nikon d3 'u karsisinda zayif kaliyordu. bu makina bir d3 olmayacaksa da d300 'u ekarte etmeye yonelik yapiliyor. ne yazik ki dslr olayi da artik iyice elektronik yarisina dondu. bu yonde 5d mark ii 'den sonra planlanan canon 1ds mark iiin modelinin hd video cekecegi bile soylentiler arasinda.
  • bugün itibariyle duyurulmuş ve fiyat/performans olarak rakiplerini ağlatmış makinadır.

  • canon'un çektiğimiz uzun süreli ızdıraba nihayet son veren özellikleriyle aklımı başımdan almış yeni slr fotoğraf makinesi, amerikada 2700 dolar gövde fiyatıyla satışa sunulacaktır.

    - 21 mp full frame cmos sensor
    - digic iv işlemci
    - 14bit raw
    - 3.0" lcd (920,000 pixels)
    - live view
    - 1080p hd video kaydı
    - iso 6400 (max. 25600)
    - dahili algılayıcı temizleme
    - türkçe dil seçeneği
  • full hd video cekme ozelligi ile canonun dslr lenslerine sahip sinemacılara geniş imkanlar sunmasını bekledigim makina.artık fotograf makinası ile yalnızca stop motion degil bildigin video da cekmek mumkun.hadi hayırlısı diyelim.
  • canon, 1080p hd video ve saniyede neredeyse 4 frame* cekebilen yani saniyede ~82 megapixel i$leyebilen bu makinenin hizina ayak uydurabilmesi icin icine yeni digic iv islemcisini koymu$tur. ayrica hdmi* ciki$i olan ilk dslr makinedir yanilmiyorsam.


    not: ayrica battery memory yani pillerin omrunu bile olcerek size "abi bu pil olmu$, $arj tutmaz bu" diyebilen, ustunde $ukela butonu arattiran bi foto ma$inmi$.

    edit: yaniliyormu$um. nikon d300'un hdmi ciki$i varmi$. nedir arkada$im bu canon manyakligi? kendime kiziyorum. achilles'e te$ekkurler beni uyardigi icin.

    edit2: tatildeyken 50d'yi cikaran ve bana bilgi vermeyen canon'un kiniyorum. cunku onda da hdmi ciki$ varmi$, rezil olduk iyi mi!*
  • meta fetişizminden kaçıyorum itinayla ama bu aleti alabilirsem ona sarılıp yatabilirmişim gibi hissediyorum. 20d ile yaptım ondan biliyorum.
  • butun esim dostum toplasip bana dogumgunumde bu aletten alsalar, onumuzdeki 10 yil hicbirinden hediye beklemem, oyle de ruya bir varlik benim icin. hele bir de yanina soyle 24-105 veya 24-70 bir lens sikistirsalar, o 10 senenin yilbaslarinda da bir sey beklemem yemin ederim. *