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  • sarkilarinin uzunluguyla sevdigim bir grup.genelde 1 dakikanın aşşagısında sarkilarr yaratan hemcinslerinden daha iyiler.ayrica encyclopedia of serial murders albumu en iyi albumlerindendir.bu bahsi gecen albumde birde impetigo coverı yer almaktadır.
  • yeni adı vampire degilde vampiric motives olan japonyalı grub.
  • the encyclopedia of serial murders albümündeki parça isimleri aşağıdaki gibidir. daha dinlemeye başlamadan gülmekten yerlere yatırdılarbeni sağolsunlar.

    1 mutilation, rape and serial murder as modern metaphor
    2 supraliminal psychosadistic motivation
    3 bleeding for spermquee
    4 hate from the woms
    5 i have a good knife for penetration
    6 philosophical diary of a habitual murderer
    7 joy to the kill...be my victim
    8 king of the degenerates in the end of the century
    9 multiple parasexuality disorder
    10 mass murder, the only way to become god
    11 homicidal patterns- organized-disorganized
    12 murder is art accepted by many artists
    13 the man who aimed at maximum murder to the greatest pleasure
    14 murder is better than birth
    15 he shot her down and ate her flesh, and then he said excuse me
    16 what was the spark that touched off a murder
    17 i am as beautiful as i have killed
    18 i`ll confess everything that i have ever killed five people and the one was a little girl
    19 defiling the grave (impetigo cover)
    20 declaration of a serial killer...mental terrorism
    21 campaign for legalize murder
    22 vivid stains in hematomania`s delerium

    bunlar da nekronicle albümünden:

    1 vivid stains of hematomania's delirium`94
    2 sonic hate spleen rupture
    3 hate from the womb
    4 vivid stains of hematomania`s delirium
    5 never spend my time in wholesome
    6 to kill, and kill again
    7 i am as beautiful as i have killed
    8 mass murder, the only way to become god
    9 bleeding for spermqueen
    10 sexual terrorist
    11 fucked by a priest pt.2
    12 supraliminal psychosadistic motivation
    13 homicidal patterns - organized - disorganized
    14 their eyes were watching the knife in my hand
    15 philosophical diary of a habitual murderer
    16 world record 222 mass murder a day
    17 boneyard
    18 addicted to raping, mutilating and murdering itself
    19 where theres killing, theres my way
    20 murder - its a proof of ones conscience and a necessary evil most
    21 its a pure fuckin hatred! world showcase of cruelty and bloodshed
    22 rape and slaughter like an american murderer
    23 campaign for legalize murder
    24 the legacy of a serial killer lives on forever due to their uncanny ability to capture the interest
    25 after beating unconscious in a deserted street, i bind her hands and feet with wire, duct tapes on...
    26 whore is beautiful like a god, and god is voluptuos like a whore
    27 murderhatekillkillkill