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  • circe/mud poems. margaret atwood'un odysseia'da circe ile ilgili olayları circe'nin bakış açısından anlattığı şiir dizisi.
  • i made no choice
    i decided nothing
    one day you simply appeared in your stupid boat,
    your killer’s hands, your disjointed body, jagged as a shipwreck,
    skinny-ribbed, blue-eyed, scorched, thirsty, the usual,
    pretending to be — what? a survivor?

    those who say they want nothing
    want everything.
    it was not this greed
    that offended me, it was the lies.

    nevertheless i gave you
    the food you demanded for the journey
    you said you planned; but you planned no journey
    and we both knew it.

    you’ve fallen for that,
    you made the right decision.
    the trees bend in the wind, you eat, you rest,
    you think of nothing,
    your mind, you say,
    is like your hands, vacant:

    vacant is not innocent.

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