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  • enigma - the fall of a rebel angel

    --- spoiler ---
    girizgah (the story of "confession of the mind" lyrics)
    --- spoiler ---

    street vendors sell love,
    trying to get your attention
    by barking out a list of famous singers
    and naming your favorite songs.

    «all you need is love, love, love.»

    their merchandise is crap, of course.
    the real thing's not for sale.
    all you can get is a replica.
    you've had those before!
    you're not interested.

    so what do you do here?
    looking around you see
    that one of the stalls is a confessional box.
    ıt promises peace of mind, exactly what you need now!

    that's why you came here.

    you enter and kneel down.
    now you've got a problem: whom shall you pray to?
    your god is gone.
    you've left him somewhere, forgot him long ago.

    the curtain is drawn back.
    and through the wooden lattice a voice says:
    «welcome back, agnus dei.»
    the priest is the clown you've met before.
    «may the lord be in your heart.»
    you start your confession by acknowledging
    your sin with true sorrow.

    «i'm heartily sorry for having lost myself.»
    the clown says: «that's not a sin.
    however, i regret to see you've lost all faith in being found.
    that is your sin!
    and i'm afraid a deadly one.
    unfortunately, i can't absolve you.
    i'm only a clown.
    you must go to the lake
    and throw your image into the water.»

    you can't believe he's serious.
    ıs that all?

    «life is really simple.
    why do you insist on making it complicated?»
    with this he's closing the curtain.

    end of confession.

    --- spoiler ---
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    --- spoiler ---

    ınvisible eyes
    watch you

    ınvisible ears
    hear you

    ınvisible shadows
    follow you