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  • parov stelar'ın elinin değmesiyle tutku dolu bir aşka fon müziği olabilecek bir kid loco şarkısı. "çünkü sadece aşık olanlar birbirlerinin itiraflarını kaldırabilir."


    but only lovers can stand each others confessions
    back in an alley now they are around our way

    girl, i`ve been the lover of so many women now,
    not to mention all the pretty ones.
    so forget about the panties
    and take off that brassiere my dear?
    you`re so beautiful
    well it`s not an innocent kiss
    judging by the way you sucked my lips
    but talking about an innocent kiss
    except by the way your tongue made it through my lips.
    but only lovers can stand, lovers can stand... each others confessions.
  • (bkz: kokuhaku)
  • breaking bad s05e11.
  • tim minchinin cuk diye yerine oturan bir şarkısı.


    this first movement is called:

    ı believe that women have the right
    to walk the streets at night
    and not be afraid for their lives
    ı believe that a woman has the right
    to choose what happens to her body
    without suffering the judgement
    of the conservative right

    and ı believe that women have the right
    to wear the clothes they like
    without being treated like dirt
    and ı believe we men are pathetic
    how we seem to judge aesthetic
    as the measure of a woman's worth
    ı'm ashamed on behalf of my sex
    for making women feel like objects

    fuck ı love boobs though, ı just really love them
    fuck ı love boobs though, ı just wanna rub them
    they're just so jooby, they make me feel groovy
    ı would rather watch boobs than a movie
    be doop be doo. ı just really like boobs.

    and this second movement is called:
    poverty (altruism)

    ı believe people are entitled to basic human rights
    whether they are rich or they're poor
    ı believe a world where no children are starving
    ıs a world worth fighting for
    and ı try to remind myself
    even when ı'm struggling
    how incredibly lucky ı am
    and ı don't think it's ok
    that the luxuries ı crave
    should come at the expense of my fellow man
    ı'm sure ı could give a little more
    to alleviate the suffering of the poor.

    fuck ı love boobs though
    ı just really love them
    ı don't really mind if ı am behind
    below or above them

    they're just so jubbly
    they make me feel lovely
    ı'd rather own boobs than a pub, be
    doop be doop doop doo doo doo
    ı really love boobs

    the third movement:

    ı believe the that planet we live in
    ıs a living organism
    and we must treat her carefully
    ı don't think we can assume
    we can just go on consuming
    her resources indefinitely
    the world's not a bottomless pit
    and we can all do our little bit

    fuck ı love boobs though
    ı just really care for 'em
    they're equally fun
    when they're aged 21
    or octogenarian
    they're just so flappy
    they make me feel happy
    ı'd rather eat boobs than a bap, be
    doop be doo
    ı just really love boobs

    evolutionary theory says bosoms are buttock-like protrusions
    designed to tempt men in situations
    when they can't get a glimpse of your bum
    ı find such hypotheses dumb
    ıt's like the one that says
    lipstick is for making your lips look more
    like the lips of a happy vagina
    since they said that
    ı can't look my great aunt
    ın the eye
    why'd they have to say that, oh why?

    from that first little suck of colostrum
    to the grope of the the nurse in the old people's hostel
    we're just fucking monkeys in shoes
    and ı
    will always love boobs
    ı will always love boobs
  • insana hem huzur hem de garip bir hüzün veren enfes kid loco şarkısı.
  • city and colour'a ait indie şaheseri.
  • usher fırtınasının zirvesidir bu albüm. 20 milyon satıp bünyesinden dört 1 numara single çıkartmıştır. yeah!, burn, confessions part 2, my boo, caught up falan hep bundadır. ama benim favorim kesinlikle simple things. sözleriyle, müziğiyle nefis bir iş.
  • slipknot'un (müzikal olarak) süper sevimli parçası. hoppidi hoppidi bir ritm'de ilerleyen şarkı corey'in muhteşem vokaliyle birleşince tadından yenmez bir hal almış. hatta sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun;

    (you don't want to know)
    all the power of the wyld that runs through me, yet the reason why is an answer that eludes me

    (you don't want to see)
    our viewpoint on what mankind is doing, that black inside when frenzy is brewing

    (you don't want to feel)
    the sorrow that my heart holds in knowing just where my hopes and dreams are going

    (i won't let you be)
    caught up in a war that you are not part of. i sign this letter your father, with love.
  • slipknot'un kafa göz yarmadan önceki funk parçası.