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  • yazılım sanatkârlarını içinde bulunduran yazılım şirketi.

    adaylardan aşağıdaki anahtar kelimelerden en az ikisini dövme olarak yaptırmış olma koşulu aramaktadır.
    ethical development, craftsmanship, professionalism, agile and lean mindset, devops culture ve continuous delivery

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    şirketin linkedin sayfasından alıntı:
    craftbase is a company of motivated, disciplined and passionate software crafters. we have 10+ years expertise in building well-crafted software. we create, code, build, develop, collaborate, test, share, train, participate, advice, lead, deliver, deploy, monitor, fix, improve, consult, celebrate to rise the bar of software development. we believe in our values and principles so much not only for creating a better technology company, but also for building the right products right to make our customers happier than ever.

    we are here to get your idea and implement it with all end-to-end requirements. while we build and deliver your idea as well-crafted software, we boost the culture in your company to establish world class processes and to have both happy customers and employees.

    we call every craftbase employee as "crafters"?. since the company is built on top of agile mindset and software craftsmanship movement, we aim not only to build our own products and satisfy our customers, but also to share our knowledge and experience with public freely and push the bar to upper limits in software development sector.
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