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  • ing. surunmek
  • (bkz: webcrawler)
  • (bkz: ripper)
  • (bkz: crawling)
  • (bkz: crawl away)
  • staind'in açık ara en iyi şarkısı.

    i'm so lonely
    you're so beautiful
    not the only
    one that's pitiful

    scratched and torn i lay here in pieces
    craving all of your deadly vices
    like to think that i'm not addicted
    but i guess i wear it well

    and i crawl
    while you spit
    and i crawl
    through you

    here i am now
    not a lot has changed
    nothing' better
    everything's the same

    late at night i can hear your voices
    talking shit about all my choices
    you would think you've known me forever
    just because you know my name

    and i crawl
    while you spit
    and i crawl
    through you

    everything falls apart
    everything... [3x]

    everything falls apart
    everything [3x]

    and i crawl
    while you spit
    and i crawl
  • dinlenesi bir alkaline trio şarkısı.

    waking up zeroed in on medicine
    am i waking up at all today
    seeing lights, feeling pain
    there's my cure on ice
    i can walk but i will crawl there
    i will crawl there
    sitting straight, feeling fain
    an exhausted smile screens my words
    but i will hear them
    here's a phrase that we all know
    but i can't make sense
    i don't know words but i will hear them
    i still hear them
    never ran away for the sake of scars
    tried not to move but she was armed
    and shots were fired
    now a hole in the head of this wounded liar
    never had a drink that i didn't like
    got a taste of you, threw up all night
    i got more sick
    with every sour second rate kiss
    everything i never would miss again
    i don't know who your boyfriend is
  • (bkz: fleshcrawl)
    (bkz: nightcrawler)
  • en çok sevdiğim alkaline trio şarkılarından biri. solist ''i don't know'' derken sesi o kadar masumdur ki birden üzülürsünüz.
  • 1991 çıkışlı entombed ep'sidir. ep'de vokal görevini orvar säfström üstlenmiş,kısa entombed kariyeri bu ep ile başladığı gibi sona ermiştir.parça listesi:

    bitter loss