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  • dethalbum iii'den bir dethklok parcasi.

    the drones keep moving
    push rocks up the mountains
    the ice will slow you
    you wither and fray

    protect your lifeblood
    the power feeds you
    a slight sink in the structure
    and it all goes away

    crush the industry
    no security
    capital is worthless now
    your life i inside trade

    modernize, desensitize
    re-colonize, downsize

    watch it fall
    before your eyes
    the numbers drop
    your money dies

    where there once was there's nothing
    borrowing from the government
    there's nothing

    the dying swine
    the foul chemical waste

    the rotting mouth
    the molten gold is poisoned trash

    crush the industry! [x4]
    capital is worthless now (crush the industry!)
    your life ı inside trade! (crush the industry!)