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  • master of puppets albümünden bir metallica şarkısı olsa gerek... bir de metallica'nin takma ismiydi galiba, bir yerlerde konser verirlerken...
  • dream theater tarafindan da coverlanan,bu coverda napalm death vokalistinin vokalleri yaptigi $arki.
  • metallica'nin en gaz parcasi. dinledigim zaman yerimde duramiorum.
  • (bkz: garage inc)
  • [00:21]damage, inc.

    [02:06]dealing out the agony within
    [02:08]charging hard and no one's gonna give in
    [02:10]living on your knees, conformity
    [02:13]or dying on your feet for honesty
    [02:16]inbred, our bodies work as one
    [02:18]bloody, but never cry submission
    [02:21]following our instinct not a trend
    [02:23]go against the grain until the end

    [02:26]blood will follow blood
    [02:31]dying time is here
    [02:35]damage incorporated

    [02:41]slamming through, don't fuck with razorback
    [02:43]stepping out? you'll feel our hell on your back
    [02:46]blood follows blood and we make sure
    [02:49]life ain't for you and we're the cure
    [02:51]honesty is my only excuse
    [02:54]try to rob us of it, but it's no use
    [02:56]steamroller action crushing all
    [02:59]victim is your name and you shall fall

    [03:01]blood will follow blood
    [03:07]dying time is here
    [03:11]damage incorporated

    [03:35]we chew and spit you out
    [03:37]we laugh, you scream and shout
    [03:39]all flee, with fear you run
    [03:42]you'll know just where we come from

    [03:45]damage incorporated

    [04:51]damage jackals ripping right through you
    [04:54]sight and smell of this, it gets me goin'
    [04:56]know just how to get just what we want
    [04:59]tear it from your soul in nightly hunt
    [05:01]fuck it all and fucking no regrets
    [05:04]never happy ending on these dark sets
    [05:06]all's fair for damage inc. you see
    [05:09]step a little closer if you please

    [05:12]blood will follow blood
    [05:17]dying time is here
    [05:22]damage incorporated

    (bkz: lyrics euy)
  • ikinci riffine bayildigim gaz hoplanasi sallanilasi azilasi bi metallica sarkisi.master of puppets dan.
  • (bkz: hasar limited)
  • metallica'nin top 5'ine girebilicek derecede ho$ parça..
  • ayrıca amerikan new school hardcore grubu shai huludun coverladıgı parçadır kendileri.
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