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  • "everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” diye bir sözü olan amerikan devlet adamı.

    (bkz: https://www.vanityfair.com/…moynihan-letters-201011)

    --- spoiler ---

    a first outline of moynihan’s proposal that blacks (negroes) need more than equal opportunities; they need more equal results.

    has the time come to organize an inquiry into the subject of unequal treatment for the negro? ... american doctrine is centered on the proposition of equal opportunity: of equal protection of the laws. the social struggles of the past have characteristically centered on the question of whether this group or that was being denied equal treatment.

    the civil rights bill will mark the consummation of that effort as far as the negro is concerned.

    now comes the proposition that the negro is entitled to damages as to unequal favored treatment—in order to compensate for past unequal treatment of an opposite kind. we could cope with such a proposition were it put in terms of the rights of a group of workers, or of bond holders—functional groups—but have no precedent for treating with an ethnic group. (consider the difficulty encountered in justifying “benign” quotas in activities such as housing projects which are designed to achieve a balance of races.) but we cannot avoid it.

    xxxx the negroes are asking for unequal treatment. more seriously, it may be that without unequal treatment in the immediate future there is no way for them to achieve anything like equal status in the long run. xxxx
    --- spoiler ---

    xxx ler arasında olan kısmı "negroes" yerine "islamcılar" olarak okuyunuz. duygunuz nedir?
  • zenci ailesinin çözülmesi ve bunun sonuçlarının topluma yansımaları üzerine çok önemli bir araştırmanın müellifi.

    the negro family: the case for national action

    https://web.stanford.edu/…an's the negro family.pdf