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  • leonard cohen'in artık albüm yapmasın isteğimi körüklemiş albümü, insan dinledikten sonra nerde o waiting for the miraclelar, futurelar dance me to the end of lovelar...diye iç geçirmeden edemiyor, bayık şarkılardan oluşmuş sanırım sadece bişeylerle meşgul olurken dinlenebilecek, evde bi ses olsun maksatlı bir albüm olmuş bence. hele o vokaller, ne gerek var ki
  • leonard cohen'in muhteşem sesinden, plak tadında bir albüm... biyeyse bunu dinlerken kendimi sallanan saldalyede oturup,pencereden dışarı bakarken ve bu albümü plakçalardan dinlerken hayal ediyorum.
    yoo yalan söyledim yok öyle bir şey...
  • albümün şarkı sözleri/şiirleri aşağıda ki gibidir.

    go no more a-roving

    so we’ll go no more a-roving
    so late into the night,
    though the heart be still as loving,
    and the moon be still as bright.
    for the sword outwears its sheath,
    and the soul outwears the breast,
    and the heart must pause to breathe,
    and love itself have rest.
    though the night was made for loving,
    and the day returns too soon,
    yet we’ll go no more a-roving
    by the light of the moon.

    because of

    because of a few songs
    wherein i spoke of their mystery,
    women have been
    exceptionally kind
    to my old age.
    they make a secret place
    in their busy lives
    and they take me there.
    they become naked
    in their different ways
    and they say,
    "look at me, leonard
    look at me one last time."
    then they bend over the bed
    and cover me up
    like a baby that is shivering.

    the letters

    you never liked to get
    the letters that i sent.
    but now you’ve got the gist
    of what my letters meant.
    you’re reading them again,
    the ones you didn’t burn.
    you press them to your lips,
    my pages of concern.
    i said there’d been a flood.
    i said there’s nothing left.
    i hoped that you would come.
    i gave you my address.
    your story was so long,
    the plot was so intense,
    it took you years to cross
    the lines of self-defense.
    the wounded forms appear:
    the loss, the full extent;
    and simple kindness here,
    the solitude of strength.
    you walk into my room.
    you stand there at my desk,
    begin your letter to
    the one who’s coming next.


    i set out one night
    when the tide was low
    there were signs in the sky
    but i did not know
    i’d be caught in the grip
    of the undertow
    ditched on a beach
    where the sea hates to go
    with a child in my arms
    and a chill in my soul
    and my heart the shape
    of a begging bowl

    morning glory

    no words this time? no words. no, there are times when nothing can be done. not this time. is it censorship? is it censorship? no, it’s evaporation. no, it’s evaporation. is this leading somewhere? yes. we’re going down the lane. is this going somewhere? into the garden. into the backyard. we’re walking down the driveway. are we moving towards.... we’re in the backyard. ...some transcendental moment? it’s almost light. that’s right. that’s it. are we moving towards some transcendental moment? that’s right. that’s it. do you think you’ll be able to pull it off? yes. do you think you can pull it off? yes, it might happen. i’m all ears. i’m all ears. oh the morning glory!

    on that day

    some people say
    it’s what we deserve
    for sins against g-d
    for crimes in the world
    i wouldn’t know
    i’m just holding the fort
    since that day
    they wounded new york
    some people say
    they hate us of old
    our women unveiled
    our slaves and our gold
    i wouldn’t know
    i’m just holding the fort
    but answer me this
    i won’t take you to court
    did you go crazy
    or did you report
    on that day
    on that day
    they wounded new york

    villanelle for our time

    from bitter searching of the heart,
    quickened with passion and with pain
    we rise to play a greater part.
    this is the faith from which we start:
    men shall know commonwealth again
    from bitter searching of the heart.
    we loved the easy and the smart,
    but now, with keener hand and brain,
    we rise to play a greater part.
    the lesser loyalties depart,
    and neither race nor creed remain
    from bitter searching of the heart.
    not steering by the venal chart
    that tricked the mass for private gain,
    we rise to play a greater part.
    reshaping narrow law and art
    whose symbols are the millions slain,
    from bitter searching of the heart
    we rise to play a greater part.

    there for you

    when it all went down
    and the pain came through
    i get it now
    i was there for you
    don’t ask me how
    i know it’s true
    i get it now
    i was there for you
    i make my plans
    like i always do
    but when i look back
    i was there for you
    i walk the streets
    like i used to do
    and i freeze with fear
    but i’m there for you
    i see my life
    in full review
    it was never me
    it was always you
    you sent me here
    you sent me there
    breaking things
    i can’t repair
    making objects
    out of thoughts
    making more
    by thinking not
    eating food
    and drinking wine
    a body that
    i thought was mine
    dressed as arab
    dressed as jew
    o mask of iron
    i was there for you
    moods of glory
    moods so foul
    the world comes through
    a bloody towel
    and death is old
    but it’s always new
    i freeze with fear
    and i’m there for you
    i see it clear
    i always knew
    it was never me
    i was there for you
    i was there for you
    my darling one
    and by your law
    it all was done

    dear heather

    dear heather
    please walk by me again
    with a drink in your hand
    and your legs all white
    from the winter


    i built my house beside the wood
    so i could hear you singing
    and it was sweet and it was good
    and love was all beginning
    fare thee well my nightingale
    ‘twas long ago i found you
    now all your songs of beauty fail
    the forest closes ‘round you
    the sun goes down behind a veil
    ‘tis now that you would call me
    so rest in peace my nightingale
    beneath your branch of holly
    fare thee well my nightingale
    i lived but to be near you
    tho‘ you are singing somewhere still
    i can no longer hear you

    to a teacher

    hurt once and for all into silence.
    a long pain ending without a song to prove it.
    who could stand beside you so close to eden,
    when you glinted in every eye the held-high
    razor, shivering every ram and son?
    and now the silent loony bin, where
    the shadows live in the rafters like
    day-weary bats,
    until the turning mind, a radar signal,
    lures them to exaggerate
    mountain-size on the white stone wall
    your tiny limp.
    how can i leave you in such a house?
    are there no more saints and wizards
    to praise their ways with pupils,
    no more evil to stun with the slap
    of a wet red tongue?
    did you confuse the messiah in a mirror
    and rest because he had finally come?
    let me cry help beside you, teacher.
    i have entered under this dark roof
    as fearlessly as an honoured son
    enters his father’s house.

    the faith

    the sea so deep and blind
    the sun, the wild regret
    the club, the wheel, the mind,
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?
    the club, the wheel, the mind
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?
    the blood, the soil, the faith
    these words you can’t forget
    your vow, your holy place
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?
    the blood, the soil, the faith
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?
    a cross on every hill
    a star, a minaret
    so many graves to fill
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?
    so many graves to fill
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?
    the sea so deep and blind
    where still the sun must set
    and time itself unwind
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?
    and time itself unwind
    o love, aren’t you tired yet?

    tennessee waltz

    i was dancing with my darlin’
    to the tennessee waltz
    when an old friend i happened to see
    introduced him to my loved one
    and while they were waltzing
    my friend stole my sweetheart from me.
    i remember the night and the tennessee waltz
    now i know just how much i have lost
    yes i lost my little darlin’
    the night they were playing
    the beautiful tennessee waltz.
    she comes dancing through the darkness
    to the tennessee waltz
    and i feel like i’m falling apart
    and it’s stronger than drink
    and it’s deeper than sorrow
    this darkness she’s left in my heart.
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