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    i'd been to a friends house for dinner.
    my mum wanted me home early so i said i'd better go home.
    her sister said she was going anyway so she could walk me some of the way
    and she knew a shortcut through the woods.
    she had long black hair, green eyes.

    i wish my friends could have seen me.
    we seemed to get on well, on the way
    cconsidering the age gap.
    she was nineteen and i was almost fifteen.

    she stopped by the river,
    and asked me to go swimming.
    i was a bit embarrased. i said no.
    but she said she would anyway, stepped back, and stripped.
    the sun was beginning to set, as she slipped into the water.
    and when she was in she kept teasing me, so i gave in.
    but i kept my pants on.

    the water was warmer than i'd expected.
    we swam around and played.
    she had pushed me under the water.
    i could feel her legs against mine underneath.
    she'd hold my arm.
    we must've been in about an hour.

    i got out first.
    i leaned against a tree and put my trousers back on
    and then she got out of the river and walked towards me.
    she put her hands on the tree above my head
    pushed herself against me, and leaned down and kissed me.
    i don't know how long it lasted.

    then she stepped back, bundled up her clothes and said "i'm sure you can find your own way from here".
    i ran back along the path.

    i was late home and i gave my mum some excuse.
    she beleived it.
    then the next day at school
    my friend invited me round for dinner again
    i said no.
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    the breakfast is all laid out
    waiting on you to arrive

    the sun just risen'
    and goin' down again

    or peice me together again

    you burn a whole in the world

    i have to know how it feels
    and i am not afraid

    this is the house we built
    all else falls away

    i dare we put our tongues to the flames

    and send the others away

    you plug the yawning void
    and the world parts for you

    the sucking sun in his sucking sky
    you lift him into the room

    the smile across my face

    the fires inside you race
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