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  • sepultura nın ramahatta sını mükemmel yorumlayan grup..
  • dinayil diye okunu$uyla insanin ic huzurunu bulmasina yardimci olan bir kelimedir.
  • a dinayaaa a dinayaaa sekilnde tum zamanlarin en gaz sarkilarindan birine bitiris tekerrur u olmus kelime.
    reddedis, itiraz manasina geliyor.
  • çağrışırsa (bkz: danyal topatan)
  • benediction - the dreams you dread şarkısı.

    you guard your mind, your thoughts must not devour
    your soul at crux will cower
    and the image is mine
    taunting you, unleash eternal time
    am i what you see ?
    rising doubts will forever be set free
    torment, i return
    from thoughts you've had and are now left to burn
    the degree of heat
    denial of lies, the words are incomplete
    yet what is said is true
    all you fear cannot be miscontrued
    bizarre made flesh - the heart arrest
    what you fear most - will haunt the host
    i'm whole, i become as one
    evil thoughts extinguishing the sun
    and in the void i thrive
    fear / strength, it procreates the hive
    and the tears burn
    forced desires you are soon to learn
    bizarre made flesh - the heart arrest
    what you fear most - will haunt the host
    guard your minds, your thoughts have all devoured
    your soul at crux it cowered
    and the image was mine
    taunted you, unseashed eternal time
    i am what you see
    rising doubts, forever you're set free
  • her okuyusumda aklima denyo kelimesi geliyor. bu nickteki yazari tenzih ederim.
  • ayni zamanda metalium'un suffer albümünden bir sarkinin ismidir.
  • (bkz: denyle)
  • ablaze my sorrow'un if emotions still burn albumunden bir parca. tam adi: "denial (the way of the strong)"

    this is the way of my living
    this is the choice of my life
    will i be weak and obey you?
    no, i'll stand strong and be me

    i deny - your god
    and all that - he stands for
    i can't - understand
    how someone - can follow your pathetic lies

    i spit on you and i spit on your god
    i have chosen my way to live

    you say that i shall love
    i say that i shall hate

    if jesus made wine out of water
    then i'll make wolves out of sheep