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  • bir ancient rites albümü..

    01. the return
    02. exile (les litanies de satan)
    03. victory of valhalla (last man standing)
    04. ...and the horns called for war
    05. north sea
    06. götterdämmerung
    07. (ode to ancient) europa
    08. remembrance
    09. lindisfarne (anno 793)
    10. on golden fields (de leeuwen dansen)
    11. dim carcosa
  • 2001 yılı çıkışlı ancient rites albümü...

    (bkz: the return)
    (bkz: exile)
    (bkz: victory or valhalla)
    (bkz: and the horns called for war)
    (bkz: north sea)
    (bkz: götterdämmerung)
    (bkz: ode to ancient europa)
    (bkz: remembrance)
    (bkz: lindisfarne)
    (bkz: on golden fields)
  • albümle aynı adı taşıyan kapanış parçası;

    black stars shine on the ancient fortified town
    the sun invisible or since long down?
    over the dismal landscape

    above carcosa
    no sound, only the wind sighed
    behind mysterious moons, strange towers hide
    but even more sitant is

    lost carcosa

    tales that the hades will sing
    vague stories of a yellow king
    must die untold in

    strange carcosa

    mysteries hidden by lake hali’s nebulous depths
    a presence of bizarre beauty and dread
    remains unrevealed

    in carcosa

    above the desert high
    twin suns circle the sky
    nevertheless dim still

    is carcosa

    my voice turns weak, lost is my mind
    i see, but i am blind
    and no sign of life in

    dim carcosa