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  • yunan tanrıçası eris'in roma versiyonu. (bence romalıların taktığı ismi daha hoş) ama gene de (bkz: eris)
  • live in samsun adlı konser kayıtlarında kötü ses kaydı nedeniyle sadece izlemekle yetindiğim grup.
  • şu sıralar ikinci demolarının kaydını bitirmek üzere olan grup.
  • grubun bir kisminin** eski system failure tayfasi oldugu grup
  • rock station dergisi’nin son sayısıyla okuyuculara armağan edilen cd, "comp station 3"te yer alan grup... bu geceki maximum rock programında da kısaca türün meraklılarına tanıtılacak. program saat 23.00 – 02.00 arası 104.0 fm radyo d’de
  • (bkz: eris)
  • goat of mendes'in 2005 çıkışlı albümü a book of shadows'un en sağlam şarkılarından biri:

    a vicious she-wolf, on the prowl for prey
    so beautiful, but utmost deadly
    her lush ripe shape, a promise of fever
    in a cloak of blackest velvet. hypnotized
    there’s no pack to stalk, behind her
    a solitary queen
    no single thought wasted on others
    preying the male to fit her likes
    beware her when she strikes!
    „i promise love so pure!“
    -but deep in your mind
    there’s just festering hatred
    „my body longs for you!“
    -until your thirst for my lifeblood is saturated

    „your happiness i‘ll share!“
    -but the cancer of envy is gnawing relentless
    „i’ll be forever there!“
    -as long the slave is
    obeying the will of the empress
    „you’ll do what pleasures me!“
    -just like sisyphus
    eternally carrying the boulder
    „there’s no one next to me!“
    -except for the wicked imp
    perched on your shoulder
    „mirror, mirror on the wall
    am i the loveliest of all?“

    somewhere, some time, some place
    might be a prettier face!
    oh sweet discordia
    mischief be thy name!
    when we are dancing and
    feasting in moments of joy
    we fail to notice rank
    odors of jealousy pass by
    a sweet fruit that has
    grown by our labour and soil
    is attracting the maggot
    on a mission to spoil
    the 13th fay we did not invite
    so discordia forced her way inside
    at the feasts very climax
    she was shedding her mask
    to deliver her poison
    discordia, wicked
    seductress, from all grace you fell
    you’re the witch with the
    spindle, unleashing the spell
    a withered hag
    in the guise of a harlot
    repulsive. but beguiling
    winding and slithering
    a charming leech gorging itself
    on your very essence
    rosebud was sleeping like
    a corpse on a hearse
    but nobody came to lift off the curse
    she slept hundred years in a flowers bouquet
    but there was no prince
    charming to take her away
    unable to hear, unable to see
    cut off from the world, dead but dreaming
    an utmost deadly barrier of thorns
    to keep out her saviour

    „your happiness i‘ll share!“...

    blindfolded i was and a stake pierced my heart
    the curse of the witch tore my senses apart
    i will unsheath my sword now and raise it in wrath
    to cut down the hedge of thorns right in my path
    i embrace the beauty that was hidden inside
    and kiss the cold skin of my still sleeping bride
    all that was denied in the end shall awake
    and discordia will finally roast at the stake
    oh discordia
    you’re known by thousand names
    oh discordia
    and still a dream remains
  • sussannah dean'in kişiliklerinden biri olan mia'nın geldiği yer (bkz: the dark tower)