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  • ing. ke$if..
  • kadri bilinmemiş mike oldfield albümlerinden biri;
    kaynayıp gitmiş diğer albümleri için (bkz: earth moving) (bkz: islands)
  • chris de burghun bir parcasi. sozleri...

    lady love, go back to sleep,
    dry the tears from your eyes,
    but i cannot stay with thee
    until the morning,
    for the dawn is breaking,
    and my ship is waiting for me,
    and i must go,
    but i'll be back, yes,
    before this year is over;

    so we sailed across the sea,
    till we found america,
    'round the cape of storms
    we set our sails for home,
    and when the sea was roaring
    and the lord i called
    to help my drowning men,
    i saw the light, yes, the candle in your window...

    and i have brought you silver,
    and i have brought you gold,
    and spices from the indies in the hold;
    i've seen ships on the horizon,
    that i'd swear were going down,
    but now i know for certain,
    the world is round,
    i have seen, my eyes have seen.

    one day says galileo,
    a man will reach the sky,
    and see the world completely,
    from outside,
    and gazing down from younder,
    on a world of blue and green,
    he'll say with eyes of wonder,
    i have seen, i have seen,
    my eyes have seen.
    i have seen,
    my eyes have seen.
  • land rover'in efsane modeli.
    aleti ters cevirin, tepetaklak atin, icini di$ina cikarin, dagin ba$ina koyun, gitmem demez..
  • uzay mekiklerinden biri.. adını da kaşif james cook'un vaktiyle hawai adaları'nı keşfettiği gemiden almaktaymış..
  • (bkz: discoveries)
  • 2001 a space odysseynin jupiter gezisi icin kullanilan uzay araci. 2010da da yeniden ziyaret ediliyordu.
  • dio, magica albümünün 1. parçası.
    we have examined the manuscript. the information is complete, but does not conform to logical patterns. flesh cannot be mutated into stone and remorphed back to the body once again. continue the investigation with special attention given to one word. magica!