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  • 2001 yilinda ahmet kosem ve badakizmin savunucusu umut badak la birlikte kurdugumuz grubun adi.tek amcımız sappy* yi calmakti.caldıktan sonra umut badak badakizmin geregini yerine getirerek gruptan ayrılmıstır.
  • “the haunted”’ın “one kill wonder” albümünden mükemmel bir şarkı. vokallerin arkasındaki riff’iyle akıl alan ve vokalist marco aro’nun nefret kustuğu bir parçadır.
  • falling. leaving my plague behind.
    cannot live this futile lie.
    resurrected. immune to your poison.
    the world that i see [has] lost its
    creed [where] sin speaks through the
    wicked hell repossessed by those
    who burn with the guilt of being
    trapped ! trapped in this down-
    ward spiral. a vicious circle of lies
    fuelled with revenge. now i'm
    repossessing what's mine
    another beating, can't move at all
    with sweet forgiviness you'll take
    the toll. rise! fight back! it's all
    within the mind. trapped ! trapped
    in this downward spiral. a vicious
    circle of lies. laugh at your foe. now
    i'm repossessing what's mine.
    thrust the blade. into this corroded
    world. laugh at your foe. while you
    set his spirit free.

    pain! guilt! hatred!
    revelations of a dying world. raise
    your fists in anger. fight back !
    elevate in the hierarchy. reserve the
    line of command.

    i've been burnt by the fire within
    fallen. left my plague behind. won't
    succumb to the futile lies.
    resurrected. i will not give in.
    trapped ! trapped in this downward
    spiral. a vicious circle of lies. hell
    repossessed. i've been burnt by the
    fires within. escaping this downward
    spiral. free to breath again. only to
    return once more.