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    the view that “britain was fighting for democracy and human rights” in its great war against germany and the ottoman empire is laughable. britain’s great war was a balance of power war waged to destroy an emerging commercial competitor and to absorb the strategic ottoman territories of mesopotamia and palestine etc.

    the present pope may accuse the turks of “genocide” but he is merely a pope and has no authority or knowledge in that sphere. the pope of the time – a much greater man – benedict xv, demanded the release of turks britain was attempting to put on trial for the so-called “genocide”. ıf it is a choice between popes benedict xv wins hands down as a witness.
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    (bkz: https://drpatwalsh.com/…-and-the-armenian-genocide/)


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    t.p. o’connor makes a number of important points here. firstly, that the armenians were substantial allies who had gone into ınsurrection against the ottoman state, despite being made a very generous offer by it. secondly, they had contributed greatly to the destruction of the ottoman state contributing at least 200,000 soldiers to the russian invasion forces, not to mention those who fought behind the lines in guerrilla bands.

    when the russian armies invaded turkey after the sarikamish disaster of 1914, their columns were preceded by battalions of irregular armenian volunteers, both from the caucasus and from turkey. one of these was commanded by a certain andranik, a blood-thirsty adventurer.. these armenian volunteers, in order to avenge their compatriots who had been massacred by the kurds, committed all kinds of excesses, more than six hundred thousand kurds being killed between 1915 and 1916 in the eastern vilayets of turkey” (hassan arfa, the kurds, pp. 26).

    the two main uses that britain had for the armenians were: firstly, to encourage american participation in the war and secondly, to cultivate and construct a case against the ottomans in order to justify the incorporation of moslem lands into the british empire after the war. these were the primary interests of britain in them and not their well-being or that they should be governed well.
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    the armenian position in the ottoman empire was entirely different. count von moltke rather accurately described the armenians as “christian turks.”

    the armenians served in significant positions within the ottoman state through its history. sultans took armenian women as wives so the ottoman line became mixed with armenian blood – something the english saw as “race suicide”.

    at least 12 ottoman ministers between 1867 and 1913 were armenian. they also served as ambassadors, bankers, translators, consuls and deputies in the ottoman parliament – 14 in 1908.

    the ottoman foreign minister in the year before the great war was an armenian. ıt is extraordinary that the belief exists about ottoman desire to destroy the armenians, they were such an important pillar of the empire and its functioning. can it be imagined hitler having a jew as his foreign minister in 1938?

    the armenians only became an “unwelcome minority” when britain started seeing them as a useful “fifth column of backstabbers” in its great war to destroy the ottoman state. ınsurrections aimed at provoking british or russian intervention prior to 1914 were dealt with in measured fashion that did not question the armenian existence within the state.
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