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  • skeleton jar albümünden bir youth group şarkısı. drowned 'dan kastı optimismidir dostumuzun bu şarkıda.

    we were drinking, yeah we started drinking, round two
    and the air was so heavy, yeah the air was heavy, with hopes it couldn't fulfil
    this is as good as it gets
    hope is all we have left
    the pilot plays, can't hear a sound
    all my optimism's drowned

    yeah i'm drowned
    i'm drowned and i don't know why

    the cicadas, yeah the cicadas, are ringing in my ears
    awake from hibernation and singing from frustration about being locked up all year

    like a chapter, a concluding chapter, that sinks you with its hooks
    you know this little city looks like a city i read about in books
  • ing. boğulmuş.

    aynı zamanda mavi ve regenerate bir magic the gathering kartı.

  • the who'nun quadrophenia albümünden bir şarkı, sözleri de şöyle:

    there are men high up there fishing,
    haven't seen quite enough of the world,
    i ain't seen a sign of my heroes,
    and i'm still diving down for pearls.

    let me flow into the ocean,
    let me get back to the sea.
    let me be stormy and let me be calm,
    let the tide in, and set me free.

    i'm flowing under bridges,
    then flying through the sky,
    i'm travelling down cold metal
    just a tear in baby's eye.

    let me flow into the ocean
    let me get back to the sea
    let me be stormy and let me be calm
    let the tide in, come set me free.

    i am not the actor
    this can't be the scene
    but i am in the water,
    as far as i can see...

    i'm remembering distant memories
    recalling other names.
    rippling over canyons,
    and boiling in the train.

    let me etc.

    i wanna drown
    in cold water