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  • tuşesini sevdiğiminin luther allison şarkısı. albert castiglia yorumu da süper.

    sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun,
    ı walked through the door, baby
    ı see you're doin' the same old thing
    ya got the nerve to ask the children
    ask the children to pour you a drink
    ı began to wonder
    do you ever stop and think?

    baby, please don't make me ask
    ıf ı can see you drownin'
    ın the bottom of that glass
    ı tried so many times to tell you
    but my plea has been in vain
    ıt's not easy for the children
    your whole family feels the pain

    look at me, baby
    look deeply, look deeply in my eyes
    see the tears runnin' down my face?
    ı know it's hard for you to realize
    that's when it's all said and done
    you're gonna still keep on drinkin'
    the children will only remember
    'bout the hole they dug in the ground.